Sweet potatoe plate.

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Roya Afghan Cuisine

In Farsi, “Roya” means dream or vision, and it is our dream that you will enjoy the finest traditional food from Afghanistan here at our restaurant.

Roya Cuisine

1st Street Wine Company

Conveniently located in the heart of Livermore, California, we bring you the best wines from local, family-owned wineries as well as fun and unique wines from around the world – all in one easy to find location!

1st Street Wine

Mario’s French Dips

Always expect great taste and good times! Here at Mario’s French Dips Burgers, we take pride in the quality of the meat used for each and every burger. If it’s not perfect and grilled just the way you ordered it, we won’t send it out. We guarantee the burger delivered to your table is the best burger you could have ordered.

Marios French Dips

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