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Welcome to The Livermore Food Tours!

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I am Keven and this is the Hempel Family! We are the owners of the first guided culinary walking tour in Livermore, California. This is more than a food tour. It’s an experience of downtown Livermore!

Here’s a little bit about how we got started:

Jill Keiken was the original founder and she loved food as well as sharing her enthusiasm for food. When she settled in Livermore in 2013 she instantly was enamored by the amazing restaurants in the Tri-Valley region. After spending three years molding and shaping the business it was time to move. That is when I crossed paths and discovered the tour! I was enjoying tea and sending emails out at Luna Tea Company when Jill walked in with a guided tour. I automatically was enamored by the smiles and laughter the customers had on the tour and I had to find out what this was all about.

After the tour left, I immediately asked Jenni Curtis (owner of Luna Tea Company)

“What was that?”

She smiled and stated: “That’s the food tour here in Livermore, are you interested in it?”

“Absolutely!” I exclaimed and that started the adventure of the purchase of the tour!

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If you would like to hear the rest of the story while you taste some of Livermore’s amazing food and wine book a tour with us!

Make sure to bring your appetite for adventure as we explore not only the behind-the-scenes restaurant action, but also embark on a walking journey that highlights the history, architecture, and culture. We hope that you will return after our tours and take advantage of the revitalized downtown Livermore. There is so much to offer- specialty shops, art galleries, theaters, live music venues, dining and more right in our backyard.

Whether you’re a lifelong resident or a first-time visitor, you’ll experience a unique afternoon and create lasting memories with those around you!


Sip. Savor. Stroll.

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